relevant placeholder images.

How terribly novel.

All it takes is this

<img src="" alt="city" />

to get this


or this

<img src=" playing" alt="kittens playing" />

to get this

kittens playing

or you can be specific like this

<img src="" alt="tower" />

to get this


you get the, mmm, picture.

How to use supports two types of parameters, "what to show", and "size to show at". That's it.

What else can it do?

That's it. That's what it's for.

What is built with?

Images come from Pexels.

And the tech stack?

Node w/ express & mongodb.
Images are cached on a Digital Ocean Spaces, uh, space.

Why'd you build it?

Finding placeholder images is a pain, and while is useful, it's tough for some clients / users to be impacted by a preview or a coded-comp when there are generic gray placeholders rather than emotive imagery.

Do you have other things?

Yes. A bunch - some acquired, some abandoned, but these are my focus right now.

Misc things.

Are you tracking user behavior?

Yes and no. I track usage, but I don't have an interest in anything else.

Is this for sale?

I mean everything is for sale.

Where is your banner supporting [current thing]?

Go away.

Will you add [feature]?

No, unless you're asking if I'll add custom text overlays, in that case, yes. Probably.